About Entertainment


It takes a very “special” type of team member to work in our department. We live in a world that is seldom predictable. We all know that we need to be prepared daily for any eventuality and have a solution for every curveball.

It is never a run of the mill job environment because our strategies and results, and the experiences that we create are never ordinary or expected. Every single member of our team knows that they need to go the extra mile …. Every day in every way.

Our modest team of seven attacks every day completely committed to creating “once in a lifetime” experiences for our guests. Whether that be an intimate live concert performance by their musical hero or an incredible basketball tournament where they can support their favorite college basketball team in a spectacular state of the art arena built at our property for the Battle 4 Atlantis.

We understand that it is important always to ensure that what we are creating and offering to our guests is unique, extraordinary and ultimately lives on with them long after they have departed the property and returned home.