OCGC Staff prepares for another exceptional LPGA Tournament

PARADISE ISLAND, BAHAMAS (January 23rd, 2017) Preparations for the 2017 LPGA Pure Silk Bahamas Classic at Ocean Club Golf Course are going “really well” according to Golf Course Manager Robbie Leming. In fact, Leming says the stage is set for another ‘blow away’ experience!


“Our staff has been doing a tremendous job ensuring that the course is ready for the type of competitive play synonymous with LPGA… The greens look great! You wouldn’t even know that hurricane Matthew happened,” says Leming.


Leming says some damage was sustained to the golf course when Hurricane Matthew passed over New Providence back in October, unleashing its wrath and causing substantial flooding in areas throughout the capital. His team, however, made a concerted effort to correct that damage in the months and weeks ahead of the tournament. “I’ve said it before and the sentiment remains – our maintenance team is truly one of the best crews in the world. This team really puts their all into what they do; they take pride in their work and it shows.”


To prepare – with or without the effects of a hurricane – golf course staff amps up the regular maintenance to increase the definition of the landscaping and to make the greens more playable for the professional golfers.


“We continue with what we would do normally to maintain the golf course, we just go into a lot more detail in preparation for LPGA… that includes increasing the mowing frequency and mowing the grass in particular patterns for a more aesthetic look on the fairways, lowering the heights for tournament cut, edging the bunkers, cutting back the bushes, freshening up the mulch in the landscape beds… all the stuff that happens on a regular basis but we have to make sure it peaks at the right time for LPGA,” explains Leming.


This is the 5th year of the golf tournament – a partnership between LPGA, Pure Silk and The Bahamas Government and one of three recent additions to the LPGA’s annual schedule. It will be hosted January 23RD – 29TH and serves as the tour’s season opener.