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2015 Crystal Awards A Night of Glitz Glamour and Celebration Atlantis Racks Up 2016 Travel Awards Thanks to U Volume III Issue I Message from the Leadership Welcome to the first issue of H2U for 2016. We are delighted to share some great stories from a feature on the Travel Channel to some amazing travel awards bestowed on Atlantis. The cover of this issue pays tribute to the 2014 Crystal Awards winners and inside we pass the baton to the winners of 2015. We take a look at Performance Excellence and how it is the face of our future. You will hear from your colleagues on how our renovated spaces are impacting them and guests of Atlantis. And we highlight some people who have gone above and beyond for our guests. Thank you for all that you do and your commitment to Performance Excellence. Heres to an excellent 2016 and Heres 2 U Enjoy H2U symbolizes the fusion of our amazing product represented by water H2O and the core element of the Atlantis brand You U. U are the element that gives Atlantis life the ingredient that creates the wow guest experience of Atlantis. Paul Burke President Managing Director Karen Carey Sr. Vice President Human Resources 2 OpportUnities Travel Channels The Trip ContribUting Exceptional Service Department Spotlight CongratUlations Atlantis Recognized for Excellence Celebrating U The Crystal Awards HUman Element What People are Saying About You Unity Performance Excellence SUperior Product Offerings Constantly Innovating CommUnity Atlantis Teams Help Those Less Fortunate Looking out for U Atlantis Benefits March 2016 Sous Chef Frederick Davis Seagrapes 4 5 6 7 12 13 14 15 16 Employee of the Year Front of House Troy Toote Employee of the Year Front of House Paulette Hepburn Employee of the Year Heart of House Estella Smith Employee of the Year Fort Lauderdale Samuel Williams Manager of the Year Marlon Bethel Employee of the Year Heart of House Christopher Courtemanche Leader of the Year Leonard Cumberbatch Manager of the Year Dario Charlton Cover Employees Crystal Awards 2014 winners from Left to Right 3 Atlantis colleagues have had the opportunity to be a part of some amazing experiences over the years. As a truly unique and awe-inspiring resort destination in one of the most spectacular places on earth Atlantis has been fortunate to be featured in several blockbuster motion pictures to host major sporting events and to provide the stage for numerous TV shows and more. Our past success and reputation in the marketplace is due to you who largely work behind the scenes off camera and out of the spotlight. Most recently Atlantis was featured on a Travel Channel segment and this time a few of our colleagues had the opportunity to be in front of the camera. Travel Channels The Trip 2016 is an annual TV event that features ultimate getaways and a trip of a lifetime giveaway worth 100000 to the Caribbean resort of their choice. The shows host Anthony Melchiorri took viewers on a tour of Atlantis highlighting our points of difference. At celebrity chef restaurant Caf Martinique he tried his hand at a signature dish with Chef Lisa Rolle. When asked what it was like to be a part of this TV segment Chef Rolle said I was elated to learn that Caf Martinique was selected for the travel feature and I would be involved in the project. We often have persons come into the restaurant to feature a dish but this was the first time I was on camera. It was nerve-wracking at first with all of the cameras but after a while I lightened up. Host Melchiorri then headed over to Dolphin Cay and was greeted by Ryan Dean Associate Director of Marine Mammal Operations. Describing his on- screen segment Ryan said It was a great experience I have watched TV segments like this before but actually being featured on it was a privilege. Ryan has been involved in a few education segments for various TV shows and most recently participated in a short feature during the Bahamas Popeyes Bowl. Ryan gave these parting words regarding these types of opportunities It keeps things exciting and makes me feel good. Its cool that you can have the chance to be involved in a global initiative and that you can share your passion with millions of people. Im glad that I have been afforded that opportunity and appreciate the honor. We look forward to bringing more opportunities and experiences to our colleagues to remind us of the grandeur of our resort and how special it is to be a part of such an amazing destination for so many people. OpportUnities ATLANTIS FEATURED ON TRAVEL CHANNELS THE TRIP Ryan Dean Lisa Rolle 4 ContribUtingExceptionalService DEPARTMENT SPOTLIGHT As Stewarding Manager Jayson Brice knows that maintaining quality control standards is paramount to the success of his department. Before each shift he must ensure the kitchen equipment is functioning properly and that his team has the necessary supplies to perform their job efficiently. Any issue can potentially delay a restaurant from opening impact the companys bottom-line and tarnish the reputation of the outlet. For Jayson failing is not an option because he loves our guests and wants them to have an exceptional dining experience With a smile he expressed how often Stewarding partners with other departments not just Food Beverage to make the guest experience memorable. Jayson is also involved in departmental projects and this is where he says the companys Core Values personally come to life for him. Jayson demonstrates passion with each new project and looks forward to its completion with a sense of urgency by applying creativity and showing respect to colleagues that support these initiatives. Kitchen Steward Wendell Miller speaks with great pride when explaining his role in Stewarding. He believes in helping guests whenever he encounters them whether in the restaurant or walking the property. Wendell ensures an amazing guest dining experience by practicing proper sanitation and adhering to health and safety standards. He understands the importance of keeping costs down by avoiding breakage and this is his way of contributing to the companys bottom-line. When asked which core value he lives by daily Wendell stated that his favorite is Passion. Since he has enormous passion for what he does guests will always come first. Wendell also spoke with admiration of his team noting that they believe in lending a helping hand and being responsive to one another. Whenever you dine at one of our eateries remember these colleagues and the special care they have taken to ensure an amazing experience for our guests and for you Stewarding has been a noble profession in the hospitality industry for decades. Often tagged as the unsung heroes of the culinary field our soldiers do not shy away from their assignments. Their mission is not an easy one each day these colleagues are tasked with ensuring that maintenance and cleaning are monitored to perfection inventory is tracked and health safety standards are met. Leading the dynamic team is Mr. Gary Gillihan Sr. Dir. of Stewarding Operations. We recently spoke with colleagues of the Stewarding Department about how they bring world-class service to our guests and incorporate our Core Values in their daily functions. 5 CongratUlations ATLANTIS RECOGNIZED FOR EXCELLENCE World Travel Awards WTA acknowledges rewards and celebrates excellence within the global travel and tourism industry and also identifies practitioners who continually raise the standards of their products and services. Atlantis won the Worlds Leading Hotel Website Caribbeans Leading Casino Resort and Bahamas Leading Resort WTA Awards. The Travvy Awards presented by travAlliancemedia recognize the highest standards of excellence in the industry and honor travel companies travel products travel agencies travel executives travel agents and destinations for their outstanding achievement. Atlantis won Best HotelFamily Resort Caribbean and Best Waterpark International Travvy Awards. The Travelers Choice Awards are the highest honor given by TripAdvisor and the award is based on the reviews and opinions of our global travel community. Atlantis Royal Towers was recently named one of TripAdvisors Top 25 Hotels for Families Caribbean in the 2016 Travelers Choice ranking 21 out of 25. This award is voted on by travelers only. It is evident how hard you work to embrace our core values through your passion respect creativity and attentiveness to both guests and employees. It is always gratifying to receive recognition from outside organizations who support our continued efforts of providing guests an amazing Atlantis experience. Congratulations again on all your hard work keep it up 2016 is off to an amazing start Atlantis Paradise Island has recently been honored with several Travel Awards. And each and every one of YOU has helped to make Atlantis the best vacation destination in the world. Worlds Leading Hotel Website World Travel Award Best Water Park International Travvy Awards by Alliance Media Top 25 Hotels For Families Caribbean 2016 Travelers Choice Awards by Trip Advisor 6 The annual Atlantis Crystal Awards were held on Friday February 12th in an evening of Glitz Glamour and Recognition. Each year we honor those that go above and beyond to increase guest satisfaction whether that be for our internal or external guests. The evening was a departure from the previous format that took place in the Atlantis Theatre. This year the event was held in the Imperial Ballroom and the program was similar to the Academy Awards. Guests were seated at tables and on couches and instead of walking to the stage nominees were filmed at their table and broadcast on the giant screens flanking the stage for the audience to see. The celebration kicked off with an unforgettable performance by magician Rob Lake with additional performances by the Crystals Dancers the Tony Seymor Trio Johnna Messam and Zhivaro Lang Duet soloist Nishka Joseph and the house band Tingum Dem. One hundred and twenty six colleagues were honored for 20 years of service one of the largest groups in this category to date Thirty-five colleagues were honored for 30 years of service and eight were honored for 40 years of service In the end winners were announced for Leader of the Year Managers of the Year and Employees of the Year for Heart of House Front of House and Fort Lauderdale Office. As the ceremony drew to a close colleagues headed to the after party to enjoy fine fare cocktails and dancing. This was the perfect ending to a night of celebration Heres to our 2015 Winners and we look forward to next years celebration. Celebrating U THE CRYSTAL AWARDS 7 8 9 Behind the Scenes THE CRYSTALS 10 The Crystal Awards celebration is a huge event that would not be possible for the over one hundred volunteers and employees pitching in and offering up their time. Countless hours go into planning and executing such a glamorous affair. Employees from many departments throughout our organization volunteered their time to make the event possible. We give thanks to all the colleagues who made this years event a huge success 10 11 HUmanElement WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU Guest Harry Bachstein wrote My wife had a serious medical issue while vacationing at Atlantis. She woke with extremely low blood sugar and became unresponsive due to her diabetic condition. After calling the front desk Carlos Thompson Marichael Maura and Kasey Gomez rushed to our room to assist and called an ambulance. They assisted with getting her down to the ambulance in a wheelchair. After medical assistance from the paramedics they took us back up to our room and ordered my wife a hearty breakfast. I was terrified that I might lose my wife while on vacation in a country in which we were not familiar. The incredible above and beyond attention we received from these employees was amazing and a godsend. Their kindness understanding and ability to calm us both and show general compassion is something I will always be grateful for and will not forget. With all my heart thank you Carlos Marichael and Kasey. Guest Frank Calabrese wrote I used to be a regular at Atlantis until five or six years ago because in my opinion the comps and service went way down. But recently I had a good in fact very good experience with one of your reservation agents named Robin. I felt I had to mention my encounter with her due to the fact that I had such low expectations. Robin not only secured my reservation but she made me look forward to visit to your resort again Please thank Robin for her kindness Reservations Supervisor Jose Seda added While we always strive to offer the best service in the business it is important to know how our guests feel about our travel specialists as we feel they are the ones who set the tone to a memorable experience at Atlantis. Robin is known for her commitment to our customers and it is a pleasure to have her in our reservations sales team. Carlos Thompson Marichael Maura Kasey Gomez Robin Stuart 12 Unity PERFORMANCE EXCELLENCE As our organization continues to strive for excellence to meet the expectations of our guests employees and investors all of us are required to raise our game by tenfold in order to survive the competitive market. With this in mind we all must continue to drive Performance Excellence. What is Performance Excellence It refers to a cohesive approach to organizational performance management. This affects how we deliver ever-improving value to guests stakeholders and you our colleagues which in turn will contribute to organizational sustainability. This initiative will help us better measure and analyze our leadership customer service workforce processes and learning and development components. When all departments across our resort work as an interconnected system and not in silos we can accomplish so much more and improve inefficiencies. Over two hundred of our managers have participated in the training and many more will continue. So lets support this effort as we continue to strive to deliver a guest and employee experience that is ALWAYS AMAZING and EXCEPTIONAL 13 SUperior ProductOfferings PUTTING OUR BEST FOOT FORWARD 4 Vanria Rolle Della-Rease North-Carey Ricarra Bowe Aldo Seymor Anishka Knowles Glenis Darville Poseidons Table Since its opening in late December 2015 Poseidons Table has amazed both guests and employees alike. Aldo Seymour a member of the waitstaff at Posiedons Table is proud to be part of the newly renovated restaurant and has noticed a significant difference. As soon as guests walk in the restaurant they are blown away Seymour says. With the new renovation there is now space for a wider variety of food options including the new Mexican and Indian stations they are are a huge hit The return guests really like the atmosphere and the new spacious feel. We look forward to announcing new 2016 enhancements to our resort soon We constantly strive to create the best possible vacation experience for our guests and recent enhancements allow us to set a new standard. Salon Priv TheSalonPrivhasalsogarneredattentionasthecasinosnewestgamingexperiencefor the elite casino customer. Anishka Knowles Table Game Operations for Atlantis Casino stated The private cage and the restrooms are really nice convenient and a good change especially for those high limit clients that prefer privacy. Della-Rease North- Carey agrees The new space is now more upscale and the new table layout material is also better - there is no more green felt under my nails The Cove Atlantis In maintaining the signature chic stylings of The Cove Atlantis various hues of turquoise and coral are used throughout the refreshed rooms bringing the ocean theme of The Bahamas to life. The soft goods updates and renovations have enhanced the resorts room product. Glenis Darville The Cove Room Attendant has noticed this upgrade as wellmentioningthatshelovesthefreshnewlook.Itsbrightermoremodernnicerand the hallways seem to be wider with the addition of the new carpeting. The guests love it and are excited about the renovations. Ricarra Bowe The Cove Coordinator adds Our repeat guests love the new look scent and feel of the new rooms. I have also noticed a decrease in guest complaints and calls about musty rooms. It is a refreshing feeling when I walk guests through the new hallways. 14 CommUnity ATLANTIS TEAMS HELP THOSE LESS FORTUNATE The Cove and The Reef The CoveReef Team periodically participates in outreach programs. One such initiative is the Gambier Primary School. During 2015 the team visited the school 4 times. During the Easter Week team members delivered Easter Baskets and read to the children. At the beginning of the 2015 school year. The team spoke to the importance of focusing on the new year ahead reminding the students to be passionate in everything they do and to show respect to their teachers. The team gave out back packs to each child loaded with school supplies and healthy snacks. Congratulations CoveReef Team on excellent Community Service Fort Lauderdale Office In November 2015 The Fort Lauderdale Office teamed up with The Broward Outreach Center for its Annual Thanksgiving BanquetFood Drive donating food gift cards clothing and money. Nearly 3000 homeless and needy men women and children received a Thanksgiving meal as well as free haircuts over 5000 articles of clothing and Hope Totes filled with hygiene products and other necessary items. There was entertainment for both adults and kids including live music. The children enjoyed a magic show games and a kids corner with bounce houses cotton candy snow cones and other fun activities. It was a festive place for the kids to have a wonderful time. Marine Water Park Ops The Marine Water Park Operations Team participates in several charitable events throughout the year. Last September the team participated in the Back to School Extravaganza at the Nazareth Home for Children. The children were provided with books pencils rulers back packs lunch boxes and other school supplies. In May 2015 the team attended the Childrens Emergency Hostel Fun Day where kids had fun playing in bounce houses on water slides participating in crafts and eating snow cones and cotton candy. The majority of the team adopted the children and gifted them with packages inclusive of clothing shoes and toys. A big thank you to the Marine Water Park Team for giving back to the community in such a positive way 15 Looking out for U ATLANTIS BENEFITS Tuition Assistance All employees are eligible for tuition assistance up to 800 per year for approved courses that enhance your job function. Atlantis Retail Store Discounts Atlantis employees receive a 20 discount at all Atlantis Retail Stores. Participating outlets are Atlantis Signature Stores Crystal Court Royal Towers Atlantis Trading Dock Logo Stores The Dig Atlantis Kids and Dolphin Cay Sports Fitness Center Boutiques Escape at The Cove Atlantis Baby - Coral Towers. Check out these amazing benefits just for you PANTONE 496 C PANTONE 663 C PANTONE 367 C PANTONE 298 C Marriott Atlantis Hotel Discounts Atlantis employees can access over 100 hotel properties in the Marriott Autograph Collection in the USA Canada The Caribbean Asia Australia and Pacific Islands Central and South America Europe and the Middle East. This benefit also extends to family and friends of all Atlantis employees. The discounts start from as low as 29.99 per night and can be accessed through Discounted room nights at Atlantis are also available to all employees. Gym Membership Discounts Memberships as low as 45 per month at various gyms and fitness centers including Mystical Fitness Club One Fitness Total Fitness Jemi Health Wellness J-Line Elite Fitness