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Shaunte Lewis Hostess Murrays Deli Core Values Competition See how departments showed off their CV pride 2015 Quartz Awards Recognizing Outstanding Colleagues Santoya Johnson Server Mosaic Volume II Issue II Message from the Leadership Dear Colleagues As we continue to celebrate 20 amazing years we also celebrate the evolution of the Atlantis Brand here on Paradise Island. In this issue of H2U we celebrate exceptional talent from the Core Values Divisional Competition to the 2015 Quartz Awards winners. We also take this issue to highlight training and talent development at Atlantis as well as showcase departments that are committed to our mission vision and values. Finally we feature community efforts on Paradise Island and in Fort Lauderdale and recognize those who provide exceptional service. We are so excited about our future and that you are here to share in it. Keep up the great work. Enjoy H2U symbolizes the fusion of our amazing product represented by water H2O and the core element of the Atlantis brand You U. U are the element that gives Atlantis life the ingredient that creates the wow guest experience of Atlantis. Paul Burke President Managing Director Karen Carey Sr. Vice President Human Resources 2 Unity Bringing our New Core Values to Life Practice What U Preach Teams Committed to our Mission Vision and Values Honouring U 2015 Quartz Awards HUman Spotlight A Day in the Life of an Atlantis Employee Atlantis and U Growing Together CommUnity Teamwork for a Cause HUman Element What People are Saying About You Applauding U Give A Wow to a Deserving Colleague July 2015 Cyndia Bruno Aquaventure Towel Hut Attendant 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 3 4 Unity BRINGING OUR NEW CORE VALUES TO LIFE 5 Fifteen divisions competed in an interpretation our new core values through artistic performance. Over 300 employees left it all on the stage as they auditioned to be one of the four top finalists. Energy enthusiasm and talent abounded. Four divisions advanced to perform at the All Colleague Meeting to fight to claim the Ultimate Core Values Divisional Competition Championship title. After fun-filled exciting and entertaining performances the Special EventsEntertainmentWeddingsGuest Activities Division were victorious. The Casino Finance and Laundry teams all gave outstanding performances and they are commended for their dedication and effort. All teams were truly EXCEPTIONAL PracticeWhatUPreach TEAMS COMMITTED TO OUR MISSION VISION AND VALUES The Finance Division is made up of more than 10 departments from Accounts Receivables Accounts Payables and Group Accounting to the Payroll department FB Cashiering and Internal Audit just to name a few. We all work together with PASSION URGENCY and CREATIVITY to ensure that the financial information reported each month is accurate complete and reliable. Our division is fast paced and loves working with our hotel operators guests external vendors and our shareholders. We are committed to driving our core values through various fun and exciting activities such as poetry competitions bulletin board challenges team building with sporting events core values recognition and much more. We love what we do and together we are EXCEPTIONAL The Fort Lauderdale Retail Team is PASSIONATE and CREATIVE about delivering EXCEPTIONAL one of a kind moments for our guests and our employees Team Initiatives 1. Monthly departmental celebration to acknowledge and recognize an EXCEPTIONAL retail team member who embraces and delivers on our featured core value of the month. 2.Createawallboarddisplaythatgivesourteammembers the freedom to express what our core values mean to them through individuality and CREATIVITY 3.Monthlyroundtablediscussiontocollectivelystrategize encourage and RESPECT everyones input to move our business to the next level with a sense of URGENCY. 4. Monthly when HR posts the FLL office upcoming birthday for that month we will pick someones name from the bucket outside of retail and on that persons birthday we all sign a card and deliver to them a little treat. Within the FB Division we are continuously committed to the companys mission. Our resorts reputation is the foundation on which we continue to build. The only way to protect and improve our reputation is to provide EXCEPTIONAL service meet commitments innovate and consistently exhibit PASSION. Since embracing our new core values we have grown strongerlastingrelationshipsyieldinglongterm results. The challenges are great but our team of talented and committed FB professionals will deliver on the objective of each core value. Throughout the division our many initiatives are focused on demonstrating the behaviors of each core value with each guest interaction. Together these team efforts will continue to drive us to be EXCEPTIONAL. RETAIL TEAM FINANCE TEAM FOOD BEVERAGE TEAM 6 Honouring U 2015 QUARTZ AWARDS At the recently held Crystal Awards for the Quartz Period 2015 over 120 employees from all levels were honoured. These colleagues were recognized in front of their peers and senior management. Top local artists from all genres of the performing arts such as the Royal Bahamas Police Force Pop Band students of Gerald Cash Primary School winners of Atlantis 3rd Books Bringing The Beats Competition Guest Activities Erica Lightbourne member of Visage Band and 13-year old Bahamian singing sensation Karrington McKenzie entertained the crowd. Allan Wallace showed off his artistic talents live on stage creating a mural depicting the Atlantis experience and our Core Values. Celebrating employees who create exceptional experiences for our guests the 2015 Quartz Manager winners were Raymond Charles from ITD Trevon Wilson-Thurston from Royal Towers and Arlene Anderson from The Cove. 2015 Quarts Leader winners were Theresa Deveaux from Coral Beach Towers and Keisha Taylor from The Cove Reef. Additionally 30 other line staff colleagues were crowned as overall winners for their respective areas. These super stars will now join the pool of candidates to be considered for the highly coveted end-of-the-year Crystal Diamond Awards ATLANTIS RECOGNIZES ITS EXCEPTIONAL COLLEAGUES WHO DEMONSTRATE OUR CORE VALUES 7 HUmanSpotlight A DAY IN THE LIFE OF AN ATLANTIS EMPLOYEE As a Human Resources Help Desk Agent EXCEPTIONAL customer service is Wendys focus. She is PASSIONATE about being on the front line to provide key information and important services to colleagues from across the resort and at all levels. From processing a job letter a sick request deductions or responding to general inquiries the thing that pleases her most is to see colleagues with a smile on their face as they leave Human Resources. Wendy strives to ensure that all transactions are executed efficiently and with a sense of URGENCY. She serves each customer with warm engaging service. Wendy believes that once colleagues are assured that their internal Human Resources needs are being met they can then translate the same level of passion to our external guests which leads to the ultimate goal of increased guest satisfaction. WENDY COLEBROOKE Human Resources Assistant Rich demonstrates unconditional commitment and PASSION for his department team mates and his guests. His quiet but relentless demeanor supports every department initiative in an URGENT manner. Richs winning attitude transcends more than the goals for the department. He personally responds to each guest interaction with innovative solutions until they are resolved. He is highly RESPECTED by his peers and leaders and is never unwilling to offer assistance or advice. He is seen as a peer mentor to his teammates and directly and indirectly influences their performance. Rich offers suggestions and alternatives on how to best serve our guests. Rich is EXCEPTIONAL. RICH DINELLI Atlantis Paradise Vacations Travel Specialist 8 Atlantis and U GROWING TOGETHER Training and talent development is our priority here at Atlantis. Helping others to develop and discover their potential has been a rewarding experience for thousands of our team members. Such opportunities have contributed to creating a brand that delivers the exceptional service for our guests. Learning and development at Atlantis occurs in many ways through workshops offered at our Atlantis University on-the- job learning coaching Manager Trainee programs functional training apprentice programs process improvement initiatives and external learning opportunities. Such initiatives have opened doors for many thousands of our colleagues. We continuously strive to offer diverse and cutting edge training giving each colleague a chance for growth through a variety of ways. This includes group learning classroom learning e-learning individual coaching on-the-job development and external training. Our colleagues have many options that satisfies their personal and professional learning preference. We offer applicable courses to increase job knowledge and productivity in our resort. From Leadership courses to CPR and First Responder training we teach our colleagues the necessary skills to resolve issues with efficiency and care. Development initiatives play a vital role in maintaining and improving our customer service standards. Over the last 18 months we have promoted and transferred over 500 colleagues across our resort. We will continue to be the learning organization that we are known for and we salute our colleagues and their passion in creating amazing experiences. LAKEISHA ROLLE Cove Housekeeper IVY PHILLIPS Food Beverage Assistant Manger DWIGHT JONES SOUS CHEF 9 CommUnity TEAMWORK FOR A CAUSE MERCEDES BENZ CORPORATE RUN On April 2nd thirty-six Atlantis employees from the Fort Lauderdale Office participated in The 2015 Mercedes Benz Corporate Run 5K on April 2nd. Aptly named TEAM ATLANTIS this group was a force to be reckoned with. The 3.1 mile course took runners through the streets of Downtown Fort Lauderdale. With over 7500 participants from 280 companies across South Florida this years race was deemed a huge success. HIGH SCHOOL MARINE DISPLAY COMPETITIONAtlantiswasproudtosponsortheHighSchoolMarineDisplayCompetitionduringthe 3-day Agri-Business Expo hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture Marine Resources Local Government. The Atlantis team was responsible for setting up live exhibits for each of the 3 high schools with animals including lionfish parrotfish surgeons and Nassau groupers. The venture allowed students to educate the public on the importance of marine conservation sustainable fisheries and food security in the Bahamas with a focus on the viability of future careers within the field. The Atlantis booth was managed by the Water Features Dolphin Cay departments of the Marine Team. To emphasize the importance of conservation the team displayed juvenile green sea turtles born at Atlantis and a hybrid macaw. For the past 20 years Atlantis has been committed to supporting initiatives that empower our youth and conserve our vibrant and diverse marine ecosystem. Sponsoring the Marine Display Competition for this 2015 Expo further validates our dedication to the strengthening of our country and its people. 10 HUman Element WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING ABOUT YOU I am currently diagnosed with a very rare tumor of the pancreas. This Spring Break my wife 10 year old daughter and I decided to return to Atlantis and stayed in the Coral Towers. I was hesitant to come because I would miss a week of chemotherapy. Once settled in our room I snuck down to the concierge and was greeted by two women whom I will never forget Oralee Smith and Michelle Thurston. I explained that I wanted to do something special for my wife and daughter. They were extremely excited to help me and before I knew it we had a plan that exceeded my expectations. I mentioned my plans to the room attendants Celeste Forbes and Kimberly Campbell and they wanted to assist as well. Celeste wrote a very nice letter to my family on her day off. Oralee called to make sure everything was well and that my wife and daughter were okay. Who does that These employees at the Atlantis that is who. After a long day upon return to the room the simple gestures of these ladies made an impact. The expressions on my wife and my daughters faces meant the world to me. They cried from happiness and it was a shared FAMILY moment that truly meant more than words could explain. These ladies had a spirit within them on the job. We had the best days that we have EVER had on a vacation. Thank you for I know good leadership leads to better employees. These ladies helped me be stress free during our vacation and helped my family become closer. Those are the things that I want to thank and recognize them for. Trelvis DesChamps Oralee Smith Michelle Thurston Guest Services Kimberley Campbell Celeste Forbes Housekeeping Coral Beach Towers Good day I would like to send a special thank you to Antonio Ferguson who provided my wife and I with life-saving assistance. Whilewewerewalkingalongthetenniscourtareaapersonwithtwopitbullsandasmalldogwerealsowalking.Suddenlythedogs attackedAntoniowhowasintheareawithout hesitationleapedintoaction. Hesubduedtodogsastheownerappearednottobe in control and was able to get us free from them. He then helped us into his golf cart and escorted us to the nurses office where wereceivedimmediatemedicalattentionbeforegoingtothehospital.Mywifesshirtwastornand Isustainedinjuriestomyknee back and elbow. Needless to say Antonio endangered his life to save ours. This could have been a very tragic incident. His selfless act was pretty awesome in my book. I hope that you can recognize him for his heroic effort. Mr. and Mrs. Dwayne Murray Antonio Ferguson Tennis Court Maintenance Worker I have to tell you how wonderful my experience was with Sheree Moreno an Atlantis reservations specialist. I had a very difficult client who was not available to give me the correct credit card number to complete their reservation. Sheree was kind enough to continue calling me back from 1000 am to 130 pm to ensure I didnt lose this reservation. I speak with a lot of hotel personnel and have never seen this type of service before She deserves to be recognized for such excellent service and going beyond her job You should be proud to have an employee such as Sheree Lora Green Uniworld Travel and Tours Inc. Sheree Moreno Atlantis Paradise Vacations Travel Specialist 11 Applauding U Exceptional performance should always be recognized. So give a shout out to your colleagues. Its easy... click on the WOW icon on your desktop and applaud your colleagues who consistently demonstrate our New Core Values. GIVE A WOW TO A DESERVING COLLEAGUE