Dolphin Cay Team goes green for the birds

DSC_0069A suggestion made during a candid discussion on feeding the bird life at Atlantis is taking fruit – literally! The Dolphin Team at Atlantis’ Dolphin Cay has taken to ‘farming the land’ so to speak, starting a garden in late November 2016 in order to feed the resort’s birdies the very best.

“What we wanted to do was get out of having store bought fruits and veggies for our birds because we want to provide them with as much nutrients as possible and give them organic products,” explains Tazia Rutherford, Associate Director of Marine Mammal Ops at Dolphin Cay.

The garden, located on a plot of land at the former Club Med site on Paradise Island, is producing herbs like cilantro and dill; veggies like radishes, collard greens and asparagus; and fruit like papaya, tomatoes, cantaloupe and also coconuts.

DSC_0072Team members tend the garden weekly, tilling the soil, picking produce and replanting seeds, and taking note of what’s growing and what’s not. Tazia says although the idea began with the Dolphin Team, the project has turned into a great team building exercise for all of Dolphin Cay’s employees.

DSC_0075“We’re assigned to different animals but we’re all animal care,” she states, adding “Luckily for us we have a few team members who have “green thumbs” who knew the process and the needs for getting started and what we need to do to keep it going. We bought seeds and used some from produce some of our team members were already growing in their own yards and voila! We have a garden!

“Everyone gets involved – even the guys you wouldn’t think would be interested; they’re all like ‘are we going to the garden?’ It’s definitely boosted team morale. They feel really good about a project they can actually see with their eyes… see it grow and succeed.”

DSC_0098As for the birds, Tazia says it’s working perfectly for them as well. “We’re producing way more than they can eat!” She adds that the extra produce does not go to waste, “It’s shared with the rest of the team… it’s been great for everybody!”